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[30 Apr 2007|10:43pm]
Discover if You are Seme or Uke!
Created by ChiisaiYume on Memegen.net

This is the result if Uke-in-Training! has the highest score.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
How tall are you?

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me. (though you can tell me if you've had a crush on meeee XD)
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
9. After you do it for me, put it in your LJ and see who does it for you.

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[17 Mar 2007|08:44pm]
Hur hur. I dunno why I'm updating in this journal xDDDD I JUST FEEL LIKE IT.

Ummm. :B Hi.

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[26 Jul 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I can now be found at haruhara. Many funs to be had with this account but this will be the last entry here for a while. I just wish I wasn't so angry right at this moment. Grr to parents. Grr.

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[24 Jul 2006|08:45pm]
[ mood | predatory ]


I missed ya guys 8P Tomorrow I go crab battle hunting!

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[23 Jul 2006|09:53pm]
I'll be home tomorrow. ._.




My opinions!Collapse )

So I'll be home soon, my luffly trip will be over.


*sigh* v_v Oh yeah. Sennen no Yuki by Bisco Hatori was licensed by Viz. Thought some might like to know. Bisco Hatori also did Ouran Host Club which some SHOULD know o_- See you guys soon. ^__^

And for those who didn't catch it.

haruhara <--add? My new account. :P

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[22 Jul 2006|12:13am]
EDIT: I just sucked in air. Angel Sanctuary 15. Bleach 14. Oh goosh. I need. Godchild 02. *gasps for breath* D.Gray Man 02 *punched in the spleen*

Well, I dunno if I'll get on the net by Monday but just in case, I'm saying I'll be back in a couple of days. ^_^ I love Korea but I missy my home. And mah buddies. I gotta hooks up with some peeps. *been listening to korean rap, shoot me XD*

So, just in case, see ya! Oh and do this survey. 8O

Fake cut?

Oh shnaps I just revealed my new lj name. Whut to do. Yeah, add me if you want. XD Actually, no. You hafta. Or I'll beat you. 8O *just kidding*


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I can't hold it in anymore D: [21 Jul 2006|02:47pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Dear everyone. I have a few confessions to make.





One. I have never played Kingdom Hearts II.

*gets rocks thrown at*

Two. I have never played Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

*gets tomatoes thrown at*

Three. I have never gotten past the Jungle level/Olympus level in Kingdom Hearts I.

*someone throws a boulder and succeeds*

Thank you for your...pat...ience...*passes out*


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AMV Plans [21 Jul 2006|10:09am]
Character Profiles AMV! Host Club! Yey! If you have any suggestions, please, by all means, suggest. XD No angsty songs hokay? I especially need suggestions for Haruhi and Kyoya. XD



Samba - Bond
Mr. Wonderful - SMiLe.dk
God of Romance - Judy Crystal
Ganbare Tama-chan! - Momoi Haruka (UNDER17)
Roses are Red - Aqua

Explosive - Bond


Duel - Bond
Mr. Wonderful - SMiLe.dk
Anything You can Do I can Do Better

Dalalai - Bond
My boy Lollipop - Millie Small
Lollipop - Aqua

Tsugaru - Reven-G
Call on Me - Eric Prydz

Butterfly - SMiLe.dk

Music - GiGi D'Agostino
Witch Doctor - Cartoon

(?)BunBun + Beary:
Best Friend - Toy Box


AH. The song from .hack//roots that I'm OBSESSED WITH. It's called God Diva. I know it now!! YEY 8333 And it's by ALI Project also!!!

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[19 Jul 2006|11:40pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Yahahahah 8O I am so giddy right now. I went on a shopping spree today. This is what I got.


Getbackers 22, 23, 24, 33 (Akabane was on the cover)
Bleach 20 (Gin on the cover XD And it had the SHOCKSHOCK part in Bleach which I can't say. It involves a certain evil trio. XD)
Prince of Tennis 23 (Marui Bunta! 8O)

And the icing of the cake... Ouran Host Club 07 & 08. 8DDD!! I'm all giddy and bouncy right now. I didn't think I'd find this at all!! *cuddles them like children* I have to translate it right away :3 *whips out dictionary*

Oh, and I also got the second album of Orange Range. 8O MusiQ. I scored, my favorite song is on there (Locolotion). I also got the most AWESOME stickers in the entire world, EMOTICONS. XD And I mean, super cute ones. The only one who would proboably get it is aimaru as she and I believe lunatic_crow did a weird ouran thing with advance smileys. 8O Well, anyway. I'll take a picture and put it with the rest of the korean pics. (Home in less than a week!)

I also have H.O.T. the 4th album, and 1TYM the 5th album though the latter's cd was kinda lame. 1TYM is a hip-hop/rap group and all but this cd...too gangsta for me. -_- It's...okay. H.O.T. is awesome though.

I also have Maple Story Markers. 8O Wahoo. I also got my nails done for the first time. Ever. They are quite pretty actually o_o Like...I actually like em.

Oh! Wanna make yourself jump in your seat?


I snatched this from stopping.

IT'S FREAKY. I jump every time I watch it. 8O I warn ya, don't watch it if you don't want to freak yourself out. It isn't gross or anything, it'll just make you JUMP. x3


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[18 Jul 2006|12:32pm]
[ mood | wtf?! ]

Okay, one more entry for the day.

Dear South Korea. I love you. And you SUCK. ;_____________;

Death Note 1-9, Naruto 1-31, Saiyuki Reloaded 05, Fruits Basket 1-19, Getbackers 1-35, D.Gray Man 1-11 (I think), Dazzle 1-8, Wallflower 1-15, Oh mah god, I was going to cry. They had so MUCH. Salty Dog! SALTY DOG..,..,X_X

And they were only about 3000 won each. That's like 3 dollars. D: D: D: I need to go back again with more money. I HAVE TO.

Oh. Three highlights of my trip.

+Chun Hyang Song, english comedy play
+Motorboat ride

and today...

+MagicTopia. I. Loved. It. Every single magician was absolutely gorgeous. Even the older guys looked suave and classy for their age. I couldn't take pictures ;-; We weren't allowed...But, if I can, I'm going next year even if it kills me. (Oh my gawd, the bishieness D: IN REAL LIFE. I WILL FIND PICTURES SOMEWHERE)

EDIT: WHOA. 100% Scholarship o_o Okaloosa has some new...law so it was lowered enough to where I qualified. It only works in Okaloosa county so it'll just be the first two years but that gives a LOT more money in MY pocket so nyarharhar. I can save up for the remaining monies later (and money to spend for meself occasionally). I'm so happy. X3

EDIT2: I FOUND PICTURES YEY! 8D This is my FAVORITE magician that was there and is now my new secret idol. I swear, this guy was...*fans self* =_= I will find more later, okay? I seriously could not take pictures of them doing the magic tricks. ;-; They said if they caught you taking a picture, they would take your camera and make it disappear. Then they would give back half of it. =____=

Looky looky!Collapse )

-Yes, his hair looks like that. It looks a lot weirder in person. 8O

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[18 Jul 2006|10:48am]
[ mood | pensive ]

I know I posted a bunch of entries but this one is actually somewhat important. ._. I NEED to get a new Livejournal. This one...is just so unorganized and scattered, it's beating my brain because now I'm not exactly a n00b to this LJ thing. I'll make nice little links to colorbars, tags, and so, NO MORE DISORGANIZATION. BLARGH.

I won't make it friends only, I promise that much. In fact, I already have an LJ account for a new one. It's when I decide to move that I will post the name.

More than likely, it'll be when I get home. So in a week or so, new account.

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[18 Jul 2006|06:36am]
[ mood | blah ]

Okay, quicky entry. XD Gaia Online is so awesome. They have this new word game where you have to match letters to make words. Seme was one of them. XD I gotta try to see if Uke works...though some words aren't used. They have seme and lol but they don't have Rome. XD WTF? <-that's a word too.

EDIT: Holy cow! o_o You mean I get to see Yumichika and Satoshi in the anime before the manga. NOT COOL. I wanted to own 07 first...X_X *dies*

Seriously though o_o I have a feeling this anime will be...26 episodes long. And will end there. They already listed up to episode 19 and that's when the Roberia girls are there again...that's the end up book 07 right? And 08 was just out sooo...yeah o.o; Drat.

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[18 Jul 2006|02:00am]
[ mood | busy ]

I'm gone for like...three days and I have to go through three pages of friends entries XD WITH a filter. You guys are EVIL.

I think I can now say I've ridden every form of transportation that I can think of. The only one I think I haven't is a semi-truck but whutever. o_o I've ridden a subway, train, motorcycle, double decker bus, ship, boat all in Korea o-O

I'll be home in less than a week! Now...to reply to EVERYTHING. X_X

EDIT: For you peoples that love teh Japanese moosics...Dir En Grey is gunna be in Pensacola (an hour away from me) in August...at least what my friend say XD And I believe him soooo, yeep.


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omg the tagged! 8O [14 Jul 2006|03:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Do the meme I posted in my previous entry please!


Look, look! neptune_chan is forcing me to take a survey against my will! *die*

SURVEY OH MYCollapse )

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[14 Jul 2006|03:09pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ask me a top 5 question about a fandom I'm in. Top 5 episodes, characters, pairings, etc etc.

PLEASE. Ask me. XD More than once. I need to figure this out myself really. I probably have seen the series you mentioned, I'm not kidding. o_O The only one I can think of that I HAVEN'T seen is Paradise Kiss and Nana. *feels like someone might kill her* And Fire Emblem too...*more murderous intent is felt...*

Oh, and did I mention I hadn't even beaten Kingdom Hearts I yet? XD *tries to avoid the giant boulders and fails* But I know the characters well enough D: The XIII anyway. From people T_T So...yeah.

*is ded*

Stolen from good buddy noroimustdie

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Career Suggestions [13 Jul 2006|09:47pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Let's face it. You can literally be ANYTHING you want to be in America. And of course, I can't figure out what I really want to do in the future. Now, I thought...I'd probably end up seeing the counselor about this.

But, I want to hear what you guys think. :0 Based on what you know about me, what would I be good at? Don't think about what I WANT to be because I don't want these opinions to be biased. If you see something I wouldn't be good with, or you think I wouldn't like, mention that too.

Trust me, you guys are often more right on these things than I am. X3

My friend Luke is also back from the marines!

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Let's face it. You can literally be ANYTHING you want to be in America. And of course, I can't figure out what I really want to do in the future. Now, I thought...I'd probably end up seeing the counselor about this.

But, I want to hear what you guys think. :0 Based on what you know about me, what would I be good at? Don't think about what I WANT to be because I don't want these opinions to be biased. If you see something I wouldn't be good with, or you think I wouldn't like, mention that too.

Trust me, you guys are often more right on these things than I am. X3

My friend Luke is also back from the marines! <lj-user="realmofronin"> had it rough, but is much happier with his life. :D He's fit, lean, and decided to go to OWC this year. So make sure to congratulate him! The months in the marines seemed to have changed him completely, better than worse.


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From my new friend, Sorechi! 8D [13 Jul 2006|11:33am]
[ mood | amused ]

This is awesome. XD These kinda chain letters are okay to me as long as I don't get them a thousand times a day.Collapse )

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[09 Jul 2006|10:27am]
Leave a comment, picking one word out of each pair that you think describes me best. Then copy and paste this to your own journal so your friends can see what they think about you.

→ dominant or submissive
→ logical or intuitive
→ social or loner
→ kinky or reserved
→ cute or sophisticated
→ kitten or puppy
→ warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
→ leader or follower
→ quiet or talkative
→ spontaneous or planned
→ teddy bear or porcelain doll
→ hiking or window shopping
→ tequila or vodka
→ top or bottom
→ bare foot or shoes
→ jeans or slacks
→ tender or rough
→ aware or dreamy
→ nerd or jock
→ brains or brawns
→ common sense or book smarts
→ pretty or sexy

I'm gunna be posting a lot of memes one day. ._. *dies* Oh. By the way. Chun Hyang is now my favorite story. Argh. BANG JA. MONG RYONG. ARGH. Oh, and I went to the folk village last week. Here is a video of the cool version of see-saw. XD They actually played see-saw like this, even without the hoolahoop and streamer thing.


More on this later.

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[06 Jul 2006|03:07pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I think I wanna try Gaia again. 8O

Whoot 8O Feel free to add me/PM me. I wanna start a QUEST BECAUSE THE CHARITY FORUMS WERE ONCE MY HOME. *heartcry* But I want to do it with someone. ^_^ So please. If you're interested. XD PM me.

My s/n is Kemaru ^_^

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[05 Jul 2006|08:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm only gone from the computer for about two-three days and you people update times seventymillithousands. D:

Happy fourth of July everyone! I didn't get to see any fireworks but I hope you guys did. =o= I've had a crazy time so far, but it wasn't like...exciting!crazy. Just crazy.

Read more...Collapse )

Oh, and notice! I have new icons :D Becuz....I lubb EDGEWORTH FOREVER but I am a terrible person and like to change my icons too much. XD So PoT. Whoosh!

EDIT: To akuma_ookami, Gakuen Heaven, the manga, was licensed by Tokyopop. XD AHHH!!


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